UMS System Failure

(By Kamal Hossain, Chief Engineer)

It is complete failure of the UMS, bridge control and data logging system has failed and the main engine is needed to run on manual control and monitoring.
(a) State with reasons six main items of data, which require to be monitored and recorded manually.
(b) Explain how a watch keeping system should be arranged to provide for effective monitoring and control of the main engine.
(c) Explain how the staff will be organized to maneuver the engine safely. State the machinery plants at which attentions are required during maneuvering.


(a) When M.E to be put on manual control and monitoring, the following six main items of data to be monitored and recorded manually.

1. Cooling water system.
It is required to prevent the thermal stress and thermal loading on the engine. Engine may breakdown in severe
– Jacket water temperature and pressure
– Piston cooling temperature and pressure ( If water cool )
– Sea water temperature and pressure ( For Coolers & condenser ) …. to be checked & recorded.

2. Lubricating oil system
It is required to prevent thermal stress, occurrence of hot spot, local welding between engaging aspirate and seizure case for severe condition. It is also reducing the wear and tear in engine component .
– Lub. Oil pressure & temperature for crankshaft bearings & camshaft bearings
– Cylinder Lubrication
– T.C Lubrication……… to be checked and recorded.

3. F.O system
It is required to obtain the correct fuel injection viscosity to achieve good combustion process in the cylinder.
– Fuel oil pressure at circulation system
– Fuel oil temperature at end heater
– Fuel oil viscosity at visco-therm unit
– Condition of fuel oil settling and purification process… to be checked and recorded.

4. Scavenging & Exhausting
It is required to know the engine’s load distribution, combustion condition, exhaust valve condition, turbocharger efficiency and charge air cooler condition.
– Charge air temperature and pressure
– Air cooler in / out temperature
– Individual unit’s exhaust temperature
– Turbine inlet & outlet temperature………….to be checked and recorded.

5. Level control
It is required to checked and maintained the correct level of
– Boiler water level for safe running with correct steam pressure
– Cooling water expansion tank level
– Fuel oil settling and service tank level
6. Speed and revolution counter
It is required to monitored and recorded running machinery speed and revolution counter, to determine the engine
performance with respect to exhaust temperature and load condition.
– M.E r.p.m
– Turbocharger r.p.m

(b) Monitoring & Control

To obtain effective monitoring and control of main engine, E.R attend watch keeping to be provided instead of UMS system. In every watch , one certified Engineer in full charge and at least one assistant should be performed. Watch keeping should be 3 shifted as follow :
– 00 ~ 04 and 12 ~ 16 watch 2/E + one assistant
– 04 ~ 08 and 16 ~ 20 watch 1/E + one assistant
– 08 ~ 12 and 20 ~ 24 watch C/E + one assistant
Overtime could be assigned for 2 hour each after completion of day time watch keeping.
Electrician , Fitter and remaining crew ( if any ) to be assigned day work ( Normally 0700 ~ 1600 )

In the watch hour, watch keepers must keep the close watch to monitor and maintain all temperature and pressure of the running machinery. All data to be collected and entered to Chief Engineer’s log book 4 hourly .

(c) Organization to Engine room staff (for safe maneuvering)

When M.E running with manual control and monitoring , there should be full strength of E.R crew to present in E.R for safe manoeuvring. In addition to present watch keeper, stand-by Engineer and day work crew must present in E.R when engine is given stand-by notice. In the manoeuvring period, the followings to be assigned.

– As a Chief Engineer, he is a responsible person in full charge in E.R
– Duty Engineer should take engine movement control.
– Standby Engineer should keep close watch in engine room’s machinery and maintain all temperature and pressure within normal limit.
– Electrician should be standby for main switch board and help to record engine’s movement.
– Assistant watch keeper should take care of air compressor and fuel centrifuging.
– Fitter and day work crew should attend in M.E individual platform, check engine movement and stand-by for emergency case.
The following machinery plants are required to pay attention during maneuvering.

– M.E warming All temperature and pressure to be maintained within normal limit while manoeuvering period.

– Generator plant : Require two generator in parallel operation to sufficient manoeuvring loads. If not satisfactory standby generator must be running idle for emergency.
Emergency generator room to be clearly opened and keep ready.

– Air compressor plant Attention to pay air compressors and air reservoirs . Alert to change air bottle if air pressure drop to minimum starting level.
– Fuel Centrifuging Normally, Diesel oil is used for manoeuvring. Therefore check D.O service tank level and topping up as necessary.
– Boiler plant E.G boiler may not sufficient to produce required steam pressure. Therefore aux. oil fired boiler have to put in service. Correct firing procedure and its safety measures to be watched.

– Steering gear Keep watch its proper function . Alert to change emergency operation in case.

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