CoC Oral Exam Preparation (Part – 20): OWS & Regulations

MARPOL Regulations of Discharging Machinery Bilge into the sea:

The rules and Regulations that govern the operation of an Oily Water Separator are under MARPOL  Annex I: “Prevention of pollution by oil”.

Regulation 14: Oil Filtering Equipment

  1. Vessels above 400 GT and less than 1000 GT shall have an oil filtering equipment
  • Approved by the Administration
  • Will ensure that any oily mixture discharged into the sea after passing through the equipment has an oil content not exceeding 15 ppm

2.  Vessels above 1000 GT shall have an oil filtering equipment

    • In addition to the above, shall be provided with alarm arrangements to indicate when the level cannot be maintained.
    • Also arrangements to ensure that any discharge of oily mixture is automatically stopped when the oil content of the effluent exceeds 15 ppm

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