CoC Oral Exam Preparation (Part – 19): Engine Room Watch Keeping

Watch Keeping in Engine Room:

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A. Handing over a watch:

Engineers on ships perform their duties in rotational shifts, each having fixed and equal number of hours. This work shift, also known as a watch, needs to be carried out in an efficient manner to ensure the safety of life and property at sea. The normal watch keeping schedule and responsible watch keeping engineers in a fully manned engine room:
0800-1200——4/E,  2000-2400—-4/E
1200-1600——3/E,  2400-0400—-3/E
1600-2000——2/E,  0400-0800—-2/E

  1. A watch keeping engineer should take extra care while handing over the watch to the incoming watch keeping engineer to make sure that the ship runs safely and smoothly.
  2. It is  necessary that the right information is passed to the incoming engineer by the engineer on watch so that he can concentrate on his watch and perform more demanding and important jobs.
  3. Handing over of the watch should be carried out according to the instructions provided by the chief engineer’s standing orders and company’s instructional manual. It should be done very sincerely and honestly so that the watch keeping becomes smoother and continuation of any kind of work is not affected on the ship.
  4. The following things need to be informed to the reliving officer:
  5. Special orders related to any ship operation from bridge or the company
  6. Standing orders from the chief engineer
  7. Special mode of navigational operation of ship in case of emergency situation, damage, icy, or shallow water etc
  8. In case there is any kind of maintenance work being carried out in the engine room by other engineers and crew members then their work location, details of machinery under maintenance, and information of authorized person and crew members should be provided.

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