CoC Oral Exam Preparation: (Part – 15): Fire & Safety

Fire Hose:

  1. At least one fire hose for each of the hydrants and hose shall be used only for extinguishing fires and testing purposes. (Passenger Ship)
  2. One for each 30m length of ship and one spare, but not less than 5 in all. (Cargo Ship = or > 1000GT) and ship carrying dangerous goods shall be provided 3 hoses & nozzles in addition to those required above and cargo ship <1000GT, shall be provided no less than 3 fire hoses & nozzles.
  3. 2 ½” diameter and 30ft or 60ft. length.
  4. Nozzle for ER 12mm, 16mm and 19mm size and shall be approved for duel purpose (jet/spray) incorporating shut-off valve.
  5. Fire hoses shall have a length of at least 10 m, but not more than:
  • 15 m in machinery spaces;
  • 20 m in other spaces and open decks; and
  • 25 m for open decks on ships with a maximum breadth in excess of 30 m.

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