Waste Heat Recovery System


Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) uses exhaust gas from the diesel propulsion system to produce additional energy cleanly and inexpensively. By reducing energy costs by up to 12%, reducing CO2 and NOX emissions, and significantly lowering maintenance expenditures, the system gives you a competitive edge.

In two-stroke direct drives, the WHRS turns the hot combustion gases into superheated steam (HP and LP) that drives a 2-stage steam turbine. The surplus combustion gas not needed by the turbocharger can be used to feed an exhaust gas turbine. Together with the steam turbine, the exhaust gas turbine drives the power generator (waste-heat recovery principle), which generally provides all on-board power. At full load, the surplus electrical energy can be used to assist the ship’s drive by means of an elecric drive that acts directly on the propeller shaft. At low main engine load, the waste heat recovery system can be operated in parallel with a DG set. Even parallel operation with a shaft generator (PTO operation) is easily implemented.

About the Video, Wast heat recovery System from Siemens installed on the Containership UMM SALAL. With the help of a WHR system electrical energy is generated from a ship’s exhaust gases.