Flettner Rotors- The Wind Turbines as Ship’s Propulsion

By Enercon GmbH.

The E Ship 1, with four tall pillars rising vertically from the ship, two forward and two aft, is using Flettner rotors as ship’s propulsion. The Flitner rotors technology was first developed in the 1920s by German engineer Anton Flettner. They are in essence, motor powered sails, 27 meters tall and 4 meters in diameter. The spinning vertical rotors develop aerodynamic lift using the Magnus effect. As the wind blows across the spinning rotors, they develop lift similar that of an airfoil shape of a conventional sail. Unlike masts and sails, however, the vertical Flettner rotor does not interfere with cargo operations. The Flettner rotors are expected to save 30-40% in fuel costs at 16 knots.

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