UMS System Failure

(By Kamal Hossain, Chief Engineer)

It is complete failure of the UMS, bridge control and data logging system has failed and the main engine is needed to run on manual control and monitoring.
(a) State with reasons six main items of data, which require to be monitored and recorded manually.
(b) Explain how a watch keeping system should be arranged to provide for effective monitoring and control of the main engine.
(c) Explain how the staff will be organized to maneuver the engine safely. State the machinery plants at which attentions are required during maneuvering.


(a) When M.E to be put on manual control and monitoring, the following six main items of data to be monitored and recorded manually.

1. Cooling water system.
It is required to prevent the thermal stress and thermal loading on the engine. Engine may breakdown in severe
– Jacket water temperature and pressure
– Piston cooling temperature and pressure ( If water cool )
– Sea water temperature and pressure ( For Coolers & condenser ) …. to be checked & recorded.
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