CoC Oral Exam Preparation (Part- 11): Propulsion Machinery

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Checking of fuel injection pump timing:

  1. Turn 1 piston to TDC at the beginning of firing stroke.
  2. Turn backward to a point, a little earlier than fuel injection point.
  3. Shut fuel supply to engine, remove No. 1 fuel pump delivery valve assembly and put a bent pipe.
  4. Open fuel supply and when fuel lever is put to running position, oil will flow out at bent pipe.
  5. Turn engine towards TDC in its running direction slowly until fuel cease to flow.
  6. Check the marks on flywheel whether timing position is correct or not.

 Slight difference can be adjusted by:

For large engine:

  •  Timing can be altered by shifting the camshaft to the position relative to crankshaft, after removing the idler gear between crankshaft and camshaft.
  • Timing can be altered by individual fuel pump cam for adjustable cam type engine.
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