High Pressure Water Mist (Hyper Mist) System

  • Mandatory in passenger ships with GT > 500 and cargo ships with GT >2000, for fire extinguishing in machinery spaces of category A with volume > 500 m3 (IMO MSC/Circ.913).
  • System introduced as an alternative to the Halon systems (prohibited in 1994) for fire fighting in machinery spaces of category A and cargo pump rooms. This fire extinguishing process is based in 3 mechanisms:
    –  Cooling of the flames
    –  Reduction of the oxygen content by the displacement of the air by the expansion
    of the water vapor
    –  Diminution of the radiating heat
  • The pressurized water in contact with the fire vaporizes and it is converted into steam. This process absorbs much energy lowering the temperature of the fire and the pressurized water expands about 1700 times taking the air away from the fire. These systems require a water consumption 6 to 10 times lower than a traditional sprinkler system
  • It shall be activated automatically by 2 different types of detectors:
    flame and smoke.

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