Guidance to Deck Officers While Loading Grain

Author: Capt. Kamal Ahmed.


I was once hired by my client to get the approval for loading by the Port Warden in the 2nd loading port as the actual healing moment was more than the permissible healing moment. The situation was as follows:

  1. The original stow plan which was sent to the shipper by the charterer for loading Port A+ Port B was total for 65,700.00 M/T.
  2. Cargo for loading as per shippers request in the beginning was:
  • Lot 1 –  minimum /maximum 27 000 M/T for  discharge port A
  • Lot 2: Minimum 30000 M/T for discharge Port B , Minimum 6600 M/T   for discharge port C,
  • Total of 63600 M/T
  1. In the stowage plan which the Master had sent for loading was “64,453.202” M/T. The Master mixed Lot 1 & Lot 2 in hold no 7, which cannot be done as lots have to be separated naturally, and not separated artificially. The Master’s explanation was that the change of the stow is done in order to satisfy the stability requirements as per the port warden at the 1st load port. The vessel was not satisfying the shipper’s requirements for natural separations of Lot 1 and Lot 2.

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