Planning & Preparation of Dry Dock as a Chief Engineer

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Dry docking survey is to be done every 2 ½ years interval , 2 times in 5 each year cycle , called annual docking and special docking survey. Special survey is carried out every 5 years interval.

As a Chief Engineer of a vessel , he must study the time of  dry docking due , verify annual or special , and  prepare documents & defect list to be repaired , at least 3 months priority for easy and efficient supports from ship company.

Preparation of Documents:

    • The necessary plans , drawings , instruction manuals , service records of previous docking to be collected and kept ready . Copy of plans and drawing to be sent to dockyard on request.
    • List and intend the followings to be supplied in time
    • Needful machinery spares repair materials for ship staff’s job
    • Paints
    • Collect and keep ready for special tools and devices
    • Issued needful instructions for safety , fire precaution and pollution prevention.
    • Issue assignments for the work to be done before entering dry dock and to be undertaken by E/R staffs under 2nd Engineer supervision.

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