CoC Oral Exam Questions Bank

By Maklub Al Mostofa

Maritime Regulations and Survey

    1. Describe Safety construction survey and items to be surveyed.
    2. Describe Load line survey. Purpose of load line survey. Why do we need load line certificate?
    3. Describe LOAD Line convention.
    4. Why load line mark is at the mid ship/ how to calculate load line for a ship?(details)
    5. Details about Safety equipment survey
    6. How many certificates to be carried on board?
    7. Describe Life boat regulation?
    8. Describe MLC 2006 details
    9. Describe Ballast water regulation.
    10. Describe SOLAS chapters and new amendment
    12. All the chapters of annex vi, details of NOx , SOx limit, tyre ,EEOI ,EEDI, SEEMP…….
    13. What is HSSC?
    14. ESP(Enhanced survey program)
    15. Regulation for vent pipe, sounding pipe
    16. Preparation for PSC inspection as C/E?

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