CoC Oral Exam Preparation (Part – 16): CO2 Flooding System

 Requirements of CO2 Room:

In CO2 flooding system, carbon dioxide bottles are placed in a separate room. The requirements for location, accessibility, use and ventilation of CO2 storage spaces as per IMO are:

  • Spaces for storage of cylinders or tanks for extinguishing gas should not be used for other purposes.
  • These spaces should not be located in front of the forward collision bulkhead.
  • Access to these spaces should be possible from the open deck.
  • Spaces situated below the deck should be directly accessible by a stairway or ladder from the open deck.
  • The space should be located no more than one deck below the open deck.
  • Spaces where entrance from the open deck is not provided or which are located below deck are to be fitted with mechanical ventilation.
  • The exhaust duct (suction) should be lead to the bottom of the space.
  • Such spaces should be ventilated with at least 6 air changes per hour.

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