Chief Engineer Responsibilities During Bunkering Operation

(By Kamal Hossain, Chief Engineer)

Pollution prevention

  1. Pre-bunkering meeting should be held , quantity , grade and distribution plan to be drawn up.
  2. By considering of volume allowance is 10 ~ 15 % for expansion , all tanks to be filled up to 85 % maximum.
  3. Clear over flow tank , drain tank .
  4. Top up settling and service tanks.
  5. Clean filters and sight glass of bunker line.
  6. Keep level indicator, sounding gauge and pressure gauge good working order.
  7. Arrange quick communication between bunker point and control .
  8. Check scuppers plug condition.
  9. Keep cleaning materials and chemical near by bunker point.
  10. Alert oil pollution control team as per contingency plan.
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