Boiler Water Tests

(By Kamal Hossain, Chief Engineer)

Q. (a) Explain why regular testing of water in auxiliary boiler is advisable
(b) How to take correct sample
(c) Discuss what factors are necessary when measured value differ appreciably from desired value in each test.
(d) Give reasons for the situation when alkalinity is found to have fallen unaccountably.


(a) For the well boiler operation, boiler water should be tested regularly and accurately. Then correct chemical treatment should be followed based on the test results for the following reasons.

– To keep the boiler water in alkaline condition
– To precipitate all scale forming , both dissolved and suspended salts in the boiler water , in the forms of removable and non-adherent sludge.
– To remove dissolved oxygen , carbon dioxide and other gases
– To produces substances which will be well below the limits for carry over , foaming and priming..
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