Sky Sails Propulsion for Ships

(Image Credit: SkySails GmbH)

Wind is the cheapest, most powerful, and greenest source of energy on the high seas.

With SkySails, modern cargo ships can use the wind as a source of power – not only to lower fuel costs, but significantly reduce emission levels as well.

The worldwide patented SkySails propulsion system consists of three main components:
i. A towing kite with rope,
ii. A launch and recovery system, and
iii. A control system for automated operation.

SkySails can be installed effortlessly as an auxiliary propulsion system on both new builds and existing vessels.

The SkySails propulsion system is efficient, safe, and easy to use – and the fact that wind is full free and cheaper installation cost makes SkySails one of world’s most attractive technologies for simultaneously reducing operating costs and emissions. Skysails propulsion can save upto 15% of fuel cost.

Saving fuel also saves emissions. SkySails can reduce ship borne CO2 emissions while decreasing the output of such pollutants as sulfur and nitrogen oxides at the same time.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimates that up to 100 million tons of climate damaging carbon emissions can be eliminated worldwide every year with the help of SkySails technology alone – an amount equivalent to 11% of Germany’s CO2 emissions.

SkySails GmbH, Germany

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